Learn the CRO Marketing Basics to Help Your Business Grow

CRO stands for conversion rate optimization. It’s one of the most important performance metrics in modern marketing. If you’re a business owner or involved in marketing at all, conversion rates should be part of every advertising conversation you have. You should know what it takes to get a consumer or a lead to take the desired action. You need to know how much money you need to spend to get the desired outcome. Conversion rates help you understand how effective a certain piece of content or a certain promotion is. You can use it to measure certain marketing campaigns against others. As a result, you can constantly hone your marketing strategy, allocate enough money to marketing to get the job done and understand how much content you need to create to generate business.

Conversion rate optimization involves making marketing more efficient. If you can take small actions that increase your conversion rates, you’ll save money and more people will come to your site, sign up for your newsletters, and buy your products or services. Here are some of the CRO marketing basics and how they can help your business grow.

Understanding Your Conversion Rates

The first piece of CRO marketing is understanding where your current conversion rates sit. Then you can work to optimize them. E-commerce makes it easier than ever to understand consumer behavior. You can track what each visitor to your site does, how long they stay, and at what stage they leave your site. Companies use analytics to adjust the way products are presented and change the sales process. Perhaps your checkout process is too clunky and asks for too much information, driving customers away. Maybe getting to your most popular products requires too many clicks. These are all small bits of data that can inform how you market your brand. Once you have a handle on your conversion rates, you can start making changes to improve them and get better results.

Know the Difference Between SEO and CRO

Search engine optimization, or SEO, gets confused with CRO a lot. That’s understandable because they’re both aimed at improving search results, generating traffic, and closing deals. Both require well-written content, constant monitoring for best results, links, attractive headlines, and some level of technical know-how. Thinks like formatting and page layouts also matter a great deal.

The main difference between SEO and CRO is that while SEO is focused on increasing traffic or visibility of your site, CRO is aimed at converting that traffic into sales, signups, or whatever you want leads to do when they see your content.

Use Content Marketing for CRO

Content marketing has become the dominant form of online marketing, and online marketing rules the day when it comes to doing business in 2020. Sometimes called inbound marketing, content marketing involves creating helpful, pertinent content for your customers. Companies use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, blogs, and newsletters to create loyal audiences. This requires more effort than many traditional marketing channels because you’re working to build lasting, deeper relationships with your audience.

Video content has surged in popularity in recent years, so it needs to be a focus for your organization as well. The best strategy is to use multiple channels to deliver more types of content to the people you want to draw in.

Focus on Efficiency

CRO can get granular but knowing your business on a very detailed level will help you improve your conversion rates. They also make your e-commerce platform more technologically-sound.  If you have any experience with CRO, you know how much a one or two-second delay on page loads and site reaction times can hurt sales. People want sites and landing pages that work quickly with a smooth buying experience.

Just think about the type of retail experiences you prefer. There’s good customer service, you can find what you want quickly, and there aren’t any lines at the cashier. The same goes for e-commerce. Making your site more efficient based on customer behavior will make sales easier and increase revenue.

Using CRO will help your business yield better marketing results and make sales. Whatever your goal is, conversion rates should be a metric that’s considered whenever you’re thinking about a new marketing campaign or how to best launch a new product or service.

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